About Us

Upland Oaks was born from the desire to collaborate with designers and artists who pay homage to the Scandinavian heritage of minimalism. To create designs where simplicity meets incredible craftsmanship, and to bring these works to market without charging the outrageous prices seen by most other design houses.

At Upland Oaks, we believe that beautiful design should be accessible for everyone - which is why we offer our products at prices that are significantly lower than those found in high-end retail stores or galleries.



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Gavin Harms, owner

Our Core Values


We collaborate with artists and designers that share our obsession with architecture, fashion and art. Each collection aims to be unique, while incorporating materials that age beautifully and have a neutral color palette that you don’t get tired of. We like to say we’re at the intersection between the old & new.


Nordic roots inspire our dedication to traditional techniques, material, and form. We believe that creative expression is best paired with a deft set of hands.


Upland Oaks was founded by two best friends and named after the neighborhood they both fell in love with while attending university together. Even today, we primarily collaborated with designers/artists we have a close personal connection with. This company is a collection of people striving to make human-centered design.